Junior Golf Camps at Top Florida Resorts

Junior academies and kids golf camps are the new rage in family golf vacations. Mom and Dad can tackle more serious rounds as the kids make new friends and improve their skills with the help of customized lessons.

1. The PGA Tour Golf Academy Junior Camp at the World Golf Village

The World Golf Village is one of the most elegant and family-friendly resorts in Northeast Florida. It is home to the PGA Golf Academy and is the training headquarters for all certified instructors of the highly recognized, international academy. The World Golf Village is home to the World Golf Hall of Fame. Golfers of all ages will enjoy the top-rated Slammer and the Squire Course and the King and the Bear Course. The resort’s colonial Asian architecture, natural woodlands and wetlands, 200 year old oaks, sparkling lakes, and proximity to historic St. Augustine and local beaches promise an exciting vacation for golfers and non-golfers alike. The resort also includes an IMAX theater, an award-winning spa, a recently renovated gym, and many dining options.

The PGA Golf Academy at the World Golf Villageoffers four options for junior campers. All camps are open to boys and girls of all skill levels and are open from Monday – Friday.

7-13 year-olds can join the Half Day Camp from 9 until noon. Instructors will focus on range practice, instruction on stance, swing evaluation, grip, and golfing fundamentals. There will be a strong emphasis on rules and etiquette.

9-16 year-olds can sign up for the Full Day Camps from 9-4. Mornings will be spent in rotating stations that focus on putting, chipping, bunker play, and full swing. After the included lunch, students will play nine holes of golf accompanied by their instructors.

10-17 year-olds who want to take their game to the next level can sign up for Overnight Golf Camp. On their first day, the students will be evaluated and grouped according to their ability, with five or fewer students to each instructor. Mornings will consist of instruction, afternoons will be course play and instruction, and evenings will involve guest speakers, seminars, movies, field games, swimming, or night golf. Students will sleep two to a room in the Renaissance Resort and will be supervised at all times.

Students who wish to attend all of the activities of the overnight camp but wish to sleep with their families are open to attend Overnight Camp with the Commuter Option. Commuters usually stay at the camp from 9am-7pm.

2. Jim McLean Golf School Annual Summer Junior Golf Camp at Doral Golf Resort and Spa

The world-class Doral Golf Resort and Spa is just minutes from beautiful South Beach. The tropical atmosphere and great facilities make it perfect for any family vacation, and absolutely ideal for any golfers in the family. Mom and Dad can pick from Doral’s five championship golf courses: the Blue Monster (home to the PGA Ford Championship and one of the most difficult courses in the area), the Great White (the Southeast’s only desert-style course), the Jim Mclean Signature Course (with the infamous ‘Bermuda Triangle’s’ last three holes located on a tough island green), the Gold Course, and the Red Course. The resort includes beautifully renovated rooms, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, Jacuzzis, lake fishing, eleven state-of-the-art tennis courts, volley ball courts, cabanas, a jogging trail, billiards, five restaurants and bars, and of course, a top-notch spa.

The camp is open to girls and boys aged 7-13 at beginning and intermediate levels. Teachers lead groups of six (or fewer) students from 9am-3pm on Monday – Friday. Sessions can be extended to 5pm upon request. Teachers are bilingual and courses can be taught in Spanish and English. Students will have access to all of the golf school facilities, including the high-tech Superstation, where their swings will be filmed, watched, and analyzed. Children will receive written evaluation reports with photographs of their golf swings, prizes, an official cap, and a certificate of completion. Students will take golf lessons and course instruction in the mornings and afternoons. The midday break will consist of lunch at Bungalou’s Grill and free time the Blue Lagoon. Kids will love the famous Blue Lagoon’s four pools, many Jacuzzis, shady cabanas, and the thrilling 125 foot waterslide.

3. The Golf Academy at Fleming Island Golf Club

The Golf Academy at Fleming Islandoffers an affordable, quality half day camp for junior golfers. Fleming Island Golf Club is just 20 minutes from World Golf Village and 10 minutes from Orange Park, so it’s a great option for families staying at nearby resorts. This terrific course was designed by Bobby Weed, with a links style front nine and the back nine winding through towering pine trees. It has a great restaurant and is conveniently located just minutes from bustling downtown Jacksonville.

The Golf Academy’s priority is making sure kids have fun playing golf. The specially trained instructors know that the key to developing a great game is finding a true passion for the sport.

The weekly beginners camp is from 9-12:30 on Monday-Friday for kids aged 6-13. Children will learn the basic rules of the game and begin to develop their skills.

The advanced camp is from 12:30-5:30 on week days for golfers aged 10-17. Every day, it includes lunch, 2 hours of instruction, and 9 holes on the course.

Locals should also check out the Little Eagles Golf Little League to sign their kids up for after school lessons three days a week.

If someone’s birthday falls during vacation week, the course offers birthday party specials for young golfers.

Spice up your family’s next Florida Golf Vacation with one of these great options for the young golfers in your life!

Multiplayer Adventure Games – How to Enjoy Your Game More

Multiplayer adventure games have become one of the favorite pastimes of many these days and in fact, a lot of people, young and old, are becoming engrossed in these types of games. Aside from being addicting, it is also a great game for friends or groups.

If you are one of those who want to enjoy multiplayer adventure games even more, here are a few tips that you might find useful in learning and enjoying your games.

– Have the right equipment. Of course, if you want to play without disruption, it is important that you have the right equipment that allows you to play fast and easy with your game. For sure, you don’t want your playing be interrupted with lagging and internet disconnections. In the online world where you most often depend on your internet connection to be able to connect with other players and play fast, then you must have at least the required hardware for you to enjoy the game most.

– Read the game mechanics thoroughly and understand the game. One way to enjoy the game the most is to know the mechanics of the game and understand the game so that you will know how to enjoy the game more. You sure want to learn how to make points and move on to the next level of the game and get your target.

– Interact with many people as you can. The fun and excitement of multiplayer adventure games comes from your experiences in with others and of course, if you want to get into the fun experience of multiplayer games, then also learn to interact with other players as well. This will help you make friends as well.

-Learn some leveling guides. Any kinds of games can become frustrating if you get stuck in one level or you end up playing at the same level and the same challenges. This is indeed one of the things that you have to overcome if you want to enjoy online games, multiplayer games or any computer games. To help you with this, you can research and find some leveling guides that will help you overcome the challenges at every level. Of course, you may not need a clear-cut guide on how to play each level, as this may also take away the excitement of the game, but with a few tips from experts and gamers who have already surpassed those levels, it can be fun and exciting to eventually overcome one level and move on to the next.

– Play regularly and give others some help as well. You can join online communities that allow you to talk to and interact with other users and you too can give tips and some help for others who are also striving to surpass some levels or having difficulties in the game. Although it helps to improve your skills to be able to play regularly, it is important to keep in mind to make gaming just a pastime and not something that can distract and disrupt your real relationships with people around you as well as your studies or your work.

Dubai Hotel Guide – Hotels in Dubai For All Likings and Budgets

Planning a stay in Dubai for your business meeting or family vacation? Not a problem! Being the newest and preferred business and tourist destination of the world, Dubai offers a wide variety of hotels and accommodations.

Hundreds of hotels ranging from cheap hotels to the world’s only 7 star hotel (Burj Al Arab) are scattered across Dubai. More are still under development in the everyday ongoing construction such as the Burj Dubai. All the Dubai hotels comply with the unified system set by the Dubai Tourism authorities to ensure quality service and facilities.

The most famous Dubai luxury hotel is the Burj Al Arab, which is the only seven star hotel in the world. It is built in a form of a billowing sail. This luxury hotel soars as high as 321 meters above the Arabian Gulf.

Situated in the Jumeirah Beach area, this hotel is currently one of the world’s finest luxury hotels if not the finest. This high-rise building that dominates the coastline of Dubai is seen from different sides of Dubai and offers amazing color sculptures of fire and water at night.

The special services of this hotel include luxury chauffeur driven limousine airport transfers in Rolls Royce, private golf cart rides when going to adjacent properties, and private hotel staffs for all rooms. The hotel was designed to serve the International Elite class with its excellent facilities that offer complete privacy and security for their top-rank customers.

The Burj Al Arab also offers sporting activities such as kayaking, surfing, sailing, paragliding, windsurfing, and deep sea fishing. Those who can afford to have a luxurious stay in Dubai can book online at the Dubai Tourism or at the Burj Al Arab websites.

Those who want luxury at more affordable prices can try other luxury hotels in Dubai such as the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Raffles Dubai, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Dar Al Masyaf at Madinat Jumeirah, and many more. The Five Star Alliance, the alliance of luxury hotels recommends in their website the 27 luxury hotels in Dubai including the previously named Dubai hotels.

A cheap hotel in Dubai (or should I say discounted hotels) is more affordable for budget conscious tourists and are also available in all areas of Dubai. Shopping for these hotels can be done online where you can book one right away when you find it.

Aside from the current hotels in Dubai, more hotels are still to be completed in nearly halfway developments such as the Burj Dubai and in Bawadi. The Burj Dubai will be home to more luxury hotels such as the signature boutique Armani hotel. Bawadi, being one of the biggest entertainment walkways in the world will give way to the construction of 51 hotels more in the Bawadi projects.

These hotels are available in boutique, themed, and resort hotels that include the prospected world’s largest hotel, the Asia-Asia Hotel. Theme hotels will include Universal, Asian, American (countries), African, European, and Middle Eastern.

And with all that said, don’t forget the Dubai hotel apartments. The Bur Dubai area is loaded with these. These are like the extended stay hotels you are used to seeing in North America (Residence Inn’s and Towne Place Suites), except they are MUCH better.

These hotel apartments are truly luxurious with most of them with marble flooring. I suppose it is meant to give you a taste of what it would be like to live in a Dubai high rise apartment or condo. I have stayed at many of these and definitely recommend it as an alternative. I mostly recommend this if you are traveling to Dubai with your family (kids).

Dubai will be much more worth visiting if you book in one of its quality hotels. Hotel booking will be made easier and safer when done with the Dubai Tourism accredited hotels whether a luxury hotel or the more affordable ones. Dubai hotels will surely give you the services and amenities that will make you feel completely at home. Once you get there, you will see how easily it is to call Dubai your home (at least for the time being).

Do Something Out Of The Ordinary With Adventure Vacations

So you have had enough of sightseeing and historic places and want to do something different this time for your vacation. The best idea would be to opt for adventure vacations organized by adventure travel agencies. Whether you are a beach lover or a mountain person, there is some adventure in every place for the avid adrenalin junkie. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the planning and organizing of the trip because all this is taken care of by the travel agency.

The best way to find an adventure travel agency is to conduct a search on your favorite search engine on the internet. You will get a long list of websites and you should study as many as you can. Then short list 3-4 of them and call them up on the phone numbers published on the websites. Ask some pertinent questions regarding their skills and expertise and the kind of services that they provide. Some of this information is also published on their website, but you can go into the minute details on the phone. Whether you want to go trekking in the Himalayas or scuba dive in the Andaman Islands, everything is possible and available with these adventure travel agencies. In fact the best agencies will also create tailor made holidays with a combination of activities which will give you the kind of thrill that you have never experienced before.

When it comes to adventure trips they can range from paragliding, jet skiing, trekking, motorbike tours, cycling tours and much more. All the paraphernalia required for the trip is provided by the travel agency and you only need to carry your personal belongings. For instance if you are going trekking in mountainous areas then the travel agency will take care of the food and water, tents, sleeping bags etc. There will be porters and mules to carry the stuff required along the trip and also to carry your luggage. They will provide you with a mountaineering expert and a local guide so that you don’t have to worry about losing your way. At the same time, there are also facilities for first aid and emergency evacuation if the need arises. This means that you are always safe and secure. At the same time, the travel agency will also conduct training and counseling sessions which will prepare you mentally for the trip and they will guide you on how to prepare yourself physically before taking on the ordeal.

On the other hand if you are going on a motorbike trip through rugged areas then the travel agency will supply the motorbikes and other gear required for the trip. These trips will also be led by skilled guides who will ensure that you do not get into trouble. These guides are completely aware of the entire route and they know the eating joints on the way where you can make pit stops and refresh yourself. Any mechanical trouble with the motorbikes will be taken care of by the guides and the travel agencies also have tie-ups with road side assistance providing companies which will ensure that you have the best adventure holidays without having to worry about anything.

Now if you happen to be a beach lover then the adventure travel agency will ensure that you can enjoy the adventure activities like scuba diving with your family. Children of the age of eight years and above can go scuba diving with their parents. The travel agency provides guides and instructors who prepare you for the scuba diving experience and provide some preliminary training so that you don’t feel at odds when under water. Your kids will be specially trained in a kid’s training session so that they feel confident and comfortable during the adventure.

The same is true for any kind of adventure activity that you wish to experience. In fact some of the best adventure travel agencies also provide a combination of experiences like hiking up a volcano, scuba diving and trekking through lush green forests all combined into one package. They can suggest the best destinations for the activities that you are interested in. Whether you are new to adventure travel or have experience it does not matter because the adventure travel agency will prepare you for the ordeal that lies ahead of you and ensure that you go back home with lasting memories of your adventure trip.