Different Types of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is indispensable to your travel. There are some people who do not think much of travel insurance, and there are others who take low-budget ones that covers the basic things. But hold on; is your life trivial that you’d go without insurance? The right kind of insurance for your travel needs can be the best thing that will bridge the gap of a travel disaster and the emotional-financial loss. You may have coverage for travel in your credit card but that is not of much help because they have limited coverage.

Here are the three general types of travel insurance that you should take:

Travel Health Insurance: It is unarguably, the most important type of travel insurance. To know if you really need one, contact your health insurance provider and find out how much can be covered though health insurance when you are travelling. If you find things that are lacking in your health insurance, you need to take insurance for travel. You will be able to get instant hospitalization in the network of hospitals in the cashless scheme or you will be reimbursed for treatment costs in the destination country, if you take the insurance. Even expenses for medicines and transportation from the airport or hotel to the hospital and back can be covered. However, there are some clauses in which this insurance can become void. So make sure that you study the insurance thoroughly before signing the dotted line.

Luggage insurance: Most people are prone to lose their baggage, luggage and belongings while on travel, especially in flight travel. So, if you take luggage insurance in travel, you will be reimbursed for luggage that gets stolen or damage during the course of your trip. However, you may note that certain expensive products like jewelry, laptop, high resolution digital cameras and obviously cash are not included in it. Even if some of them may be included in the insurance, there may be some conditions that you may have to adhere to.

Travel Insurance for canceled trip: Travel insurance covers the cost of cancellation of trip for certain reasons. Some of the cases include sickness or death of the passenger, death of a family member, sudden job loss etc. However, every policy may have its own customization for this kind of insurance.

It is therefore important to study the travel insurance that you are taking; understand what it covers so that you are not inadequately covered. For instance, if you take budget travel insurance, you may not be covered for damages through natural disasters because they are deemed as ‘acts of nature’ and therefore excluded. So before you buy a travel insurance, make sure you go beyond just the price quotes and understand the insurance and the coverage properly. Find out things that are clear and look for the ones that flock your mind with questions. Highlight them and call up the prospective insurance provider and ask questions. It is the job of the travel insurance agent to help you make the right decisions.